Global decentralized financial ecosystem based on the TON blockchain

Modern technologies enable the creation of a fundamentally new financial system - one that directly connects people, their ideas, and capital.

  • The Open Network


How can a large number of people, previously not interacting with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, be brought into the DeFi market?

Only by meeting their basic financial needs!

To achieve this, it is necessary to implement a set of measures aimed at simplicity, security, transparency, and efficiency of investments.

There are many successful communities of traders and investors whose trades can be copied by unqualified investors to earn substantial profits, while those being copied receive a commission reward for successfully closing a position.

Solutions - Financial Instruments on the TON Blockchain and Telegram.

Millions of people will be able to invest in the TON blockchain DeFi market, and the algorithms of our smart contracts will protect them from scams and economically impractical decisions.

  • DEXAlfa Tracker. In-depth real-time analytics of market trends, large wallets, trading volumes, asset liquidity, and numerous other factors will enable smart contracts to swiftly respond to market environment changes and rebalance the user's investment portfolio
  • SMART MONEY. Telegram Mini dApp enabling anyone, even a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies, to form a balanced investment portfolio and/or copy strategy of successful traders.
  • DEXGuard Scoring. Scoring system for protecting unqualified investors, within which each asset and financial instrument is assigned a rating, classifying it into one of three risk categories: low, medium, or high. SMART MONEY users who choose a low risk level will never enter a transaction with risky assets, even if the trader whose strategy they are copying opens such a position in their portfolio

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